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Design your best life ever!

What is Pentatonia?

Pentatonia is a holistic coaching system which works in 5 levels, to help you heal yourself, find your true identity and design a life that you love.

Why five levels?

After having our own experiences in healing and transforming our lives, we realized that these five core levels are the most important for someone who wants to upgrade their life to focus on.

Five fold geometry is central to life, nature and the structure of the Universe,  it holds the key of the golden ratio and the proportion of life.  

Which are the five levels?

1. Vital 
2. Physical 
3. Emotional 
4. Mental
5. Spiritual

How did we choose these levels?

In the vital level we consider the connection to our deeper power, roots, wildness, sexuality and creativity to be the base of our existence. Strong roots help us grow!

The aspect of physical health is important, as it regulates our energy for our everyday life and gives us strength to put in action all our dreams! It is our own temple!

Emotional issues can put us down and drain us, resulting in blockages that can affect us in various ways. Work in this level can liberate us and set us free!

The Mental level is related to unconsious programs and beliefs that govern our emotions and our life's path. Finding mental balance gives us clarity for our life!

Finally, in a spiritual level we seek to understand our own self, our mission in life and how to bring our vision to reality. Spiritual harmony is the fulfillment of our totality! 

Why is it so important?

We are currently living in a quite disharmonious world, with tons of toxic influences, addictions, false ideas and many other distractions that stray us away from who we really are and our true mission.
Having tools and guidance can help us isolate the external noise and focus on our inner melody!  

What will happen if I do this?

By signing up for this transformation with yourself, you will let go of your old self, past limitation and dysfunctional patterns that have been standing in the way of your true original self! You will become healthy, happy, empowered, full of creativity and ready to embark on your mission and your best life ever!

The Pentatonia System © will help you 

to create a better life through 5 simple, deep and exciting levels

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