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You can benefit from our Services

  • Our services include 1-1 coaching on the five levels of the Pentatonia System for a holistic transformation. You will work together with both Lydia and Arturo according to their area of expertise.
  • We will start with a free session to introduce and connect, and to check in if we are a good fit for each other.
  • Then we will prepare for you a basic structure proposal for the sessions and we start right away!
  • The sessions last 1 hour, and 1 session per level is the minimum needed. The Physical level requires at least 2 sessions. According to the issues, we will agree together with you how many sessions are needed.
  • We also provide coaching for one or more individual levels if required, but the holistic approach has the most profound results.

 1. Vitality & Sexuality 

In this level we work on the base energy of our being: our vitality.

Through various techniques you will reconnect to your authenticity, your roots, your wildness so you can use it to fuel your creativity. You will work on your relationship with money and power, on your shadow side and taboos to bring to light hidden parts of yourself, as well as awakening your sacred sexuality through tantric practices. 


2. Physical Health 

In this level we work on healing physical issues and enhancing our biology.

Through hydration and nutrition, using supplements, herbs and superfoods, biohacking, as well as upgrading daily personal products, you will work on healing and supporting the endocrine, the immune, the digestive and the hormonal system. Also you will be given movement and exercise protocols to increase your cardiovascular health and your ability to move freely as your body is designed for.


3. Emotional Freedom

In this level we work on transforming emotional weights.

You will work on various issues including depression, fears, numbness, lack of excitement or other specific emotions streaming from personal current issues or past situations. You will use various techniques including tapping, affirmations, love languages and non-violent communications, to liberate yourself from disharmonious feelings and build strong, beautiful and deep relationships. 


4. Mental Balance

In this level we work on unconscious programs and limiting belief systems.

You will work freeing yourself from past events, family patterns and from all that is not your own truth but accumulated from elsewhere. You will be guided to rewriting the subconscious programs that you wish to rule your life, using transpersonal psychology, systemic constellation, metagenealogy work and psychomagic. 


5. Spiritual Harmony

In this level we work on self-awareness and realization.

You will work on understanding on who you really are and what your true mission in this life is. You will be guided into a path of self-awareness, recognizing your true identity through the use of various personal chart analyses, questions, meditations, geometries and daily rituals. You will create a new vision in all levels for the life you love and an action plan to manifest it. 


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