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Ask yourself ...

  1. Do you feel your vitality / creativity / sexuality has hit rock bottom?
  2. Do you have digestive issues or hormonal imbalances that drain you?
  3. Are you stressed daily or feel stuck / depressed, finding it difficult to feel joy?
  4. Are unconscious belief systems leading you to repeat disharmonious patterns?
  5. Are you looking to truly find who you are and your true mission in life?

The Pentatonia System © will help you 

to create a better life through 5 simple, deep and exciting levels

the five levels of Pentatonia System


 1. Vitality & Sexuality

Improve your vitality, creativity, wildness, connection with your roots, awaken your sacred sexuality and intimacy


2. Health & Strength

Resolve health issues, upgrade your nutrition, reach peak performance with herbs, suplements, free flow movements


3. Emotional Freedom

Release stress, fears, lack of excitement, depression and find deeper joy and fullfilment through different techniques


4. Mental Balance

Reprogram your core belief systems using transpersonal psychology, systemic genealogy work and psychomagic



5. Spiritual Harmony

Discover and fulfill your mission in life through deep analysis, design and create your new life with the help of daily rituals


Hi! I am Lydía, a Greek Holistic Coach and Wellness Mentor, incorporating nutrition, supplement/herbs/superfoods, emotional healing, spiritual awakening and sacred sexuality. My focus is in natural healing and biohacking and I am very passionate about personal evolution, non-violent communications, and sacred relationships.

"The ability to experience and connect all levels of our being is the path to bliss"

Lydia Isabel de León

Hola! I'm Arturo, a Mexican Psychologist and Holistic Coach. In my mentoring I love to synthesize breathing, physical exercise techniques, psychomagic acts, unconscious hacking, geometric visualizations, toroidal exercises and tantric practices. My passion is to help people transform their belief systems and emotions as well as upgrade their physical health.

"A better life can be created in every moment knowing the way to do it... it is that simple¡¡¡"

Arturo Ponce de León


Lydia is a rare treasure. Not only is she a beautiful person with so much knowledge in the vast fields of health, wellness, psychology and physiology, she is also gifted with an impressive ability to read between the lines, to understand the energy and guide from her gut feeling. She keeps herself informed and up to date driven by her pure interest of understanding this human experience. A contemporary witch with a Ph.D and a fairy friend ready to help. She has helped me personally through my most difficult times, taking care of my body (she has organized for me a whole program of supplements and tests recommendations) and at the same time taking care of my soul by inspiring, uplifting and nurturing my spirit.

I want to share my deep appreciation and love for all the sacred information that you downloaded for me. This journey with you is one of the best experiences I have lived in my life. Continue to be magic, unique and lovely as you are! This approach is very holistic and accurate. It helped me to realize my qualities and blockages as well as the balanced an unbalanced aspects of my personality and my life. I use all the information you provided as a guide to a highly inspirational and evolutional life. I hope that all the people can have the chance to collaborate with you!

Lydia has advised me on a number of issues in the past with great accuracy and her advise has been and remains of great value for me to succeed not only in my wellness goals but also in various other life aspects. Her holistic approach to wellness and life puts her up there with the greatest life and wellness coaches I have ever worked with. Taking our lives to the next level does not need to be hard, we just need the right advise and Lydia has brought this to my life and for this I am grateful.

If you love yourself and care to do your health a major upgrade - Lydia is the person to go to. Her unique craft in combining a vast knowledge with a very refined intuition is true mastery for me. Lydia has helped me in overcoming chronic dis/eases and has given me a deeper understanding in how mind / body / soul affect each other. If you love yourself - this is the person to go to

I met Lydia in 2011 at a raw vegan retreat in Peloponnese. Lydia has been a true friend and the most valuable supporter of my wellbeing since then.
I have always admired her knowledge, strength, commitment, passion and kindness about being a balanced human being and helping others to achieve their best possible capacity. Lydia in my opinion is a personification of love and her character is the most precious aspect of the joy one enjoyed when is around her. I have seen amazing results to my panic attacks and a general blockage I have been suffering from the past years and I trust Lydia’s knowledge and instinct as they have been guiding me to a better past, present and future since the day I met her. Thank you Lydia!

Shortly after finishing a very demanding MArch course and before having time to readjust, I found myself pregnant and moving to a totally new environment. Although my pregnancy and labor were looking ideal on a strictly medical point of view, I felt totally out of balance. I was emotionally wrecked and I think I had gained something like 25 kilos before I stopped scaling myself! After 3 years I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I wasn't at a point that I needed medication, yet. It was a big shock, though, when I realized that one day I might need to start taking a pill everyday for the rest of my life which is not actually a cure but just an adjustment. I started sharing my fears with friends. I realized that thyroid issues are very very common but nobody talks about them; they just take the pill. Moreover it sounded bizarre that my body was attacking itself...! This is when I met Lydia and I finally found someone who truly understood the illness. She didn't just know the "book rules"; she had the embodied experience of being through it. Through her guidance I managed to drop all my lab test results, feel and look better. My doctor still doesn't believe it but is very happy with my progress.


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